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Leading Your Own Play Revolution

It's cultural, behavioral, sociological, psychological, ... We, women always put the needs of others before ourselves. We have forgotten how to play and we rarely give ourselves permission to take time off.


Starting today, let's change the way we think of Play. Each one of us can begin our own Play Revolution by following the "10 tips To a More Playful Life"! By doing so, we'll bring greater joy into our lives. We'll be inspired to think differently. We'll feel less stress. We’ll be more creative, more energetic and happier overall. Ladies, own your right to play! It is about your physical and mental health!


Ten Tips to Living a Playful Life

1.   Build up your Play muscles! It’s not natural for we mothers to think about play. But the more you do it, the more you’ll reap its benefits and want to do it again.

2.   Create playtime for yourself! Make it a contract with yourself. How much playtime will you carve out per week? Which days are best for you? Write it down and stick to your commitment rain or shine, upbeat or down, babysitter or none, supportive husband or grumpy one. Stick to it. Or why not set a mini Recess Time alarm on your phone? I set mine at 4pm when I am starting falling asleep and my energy levels rock bottom. I use that time to dance on “Human” from The Killers, or watch the latest SNL sketch, or call a dear friend.

3.   The Right to Play! Don’t feel guilty about taking time for play. Scientists have demonstrated the multiple benefits of Play: It’s good for your physical and mental health. In fact, it’s good for your friends and family. Yes! Play will energize you. You’ll approach life and people with a more optimistic attitude.    

4.   Create your “personal play story” and add to your intrigue! By going on a journey of Play, you’ll discover many things about yourself and will enrich your life. Trapeze, burlesque, motorbike, photography, etc, by exploring your passions, you won’t resist to tell people, “Ask me how I play”!

5.   Share your Playtime on the Facebook Page “Ask Me How I Play”! Keeping a log on the positive stuff we do for ourselves is emulating. It is also inspiring for others. You may give ideas to other women. 

6.   Say “Yes I can!” Women are good at finding many excuses to deny themselves fun. Have you read the book “Join The Club” by Pulitzer winner Tina Rosenberg? Go on this journey of play with friends. Plan regular outings with them. It will be more difficult to cancel when you commit to each other.

7.   Your Childhood Play! Think about what you really enjoy doing. Dancing? Knitting? Drawing? Skiing? Learning? Reading? … If you don’t know, think back about what gave you joy as a child. What was your favorite playtime? Climbing? Story telling? Building blocks? Dress-Up? Chances are you would still feel joy doing it now.

8.   Embrace the new! Go through your play with an adventurous attitude, ready to participate in activities you might not naturally gravitate towards. It will change you. You will stretch your play muscles, and redefine your vision of yourself. For inspiration look got to Mice at Play Facebook Page and look at our galleries of photos and videos.

9.   Watch the inspiring video of Stuart Brown at the TED conference to understand how crucial Play is for your happiness and read the book from Barbara Brannen “The Gift of Play: Why Adult Women Stop Playing and How To Start Again.”

10.  Act now! No more excuses. Book a Mice at Play Playdate or invite your friends to do something fun.


Come on ladies, it’s time to come out and play!