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Benjamin Huntington's Home
3 Hanover Square New York, NY 10004
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Tue Apr 3, 2012 19:00
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Apr 03, 2012

The Meaning of Clutter & How to Shift It


Clutter is often reflective of stuck energy, and where it lives in your house is a good indication of areas in your life that could use some Spring-cleaning as well.

We are inviting English interior designer and Feng Shui Master Benjamin Huntington back this spring to help us dig deeper and dig ourselves out of our disorder! Benjamin will help us decipher what our clutter is telling us about ourselves and (carefully) rid ourselves of it once and for all. This is a unique opportunity for us to understand how our living space affects our happiness. We will learn what changes we can implement into our home to get what we want in life!

Where does your clutter accumulate? In your closets? In your entrance? On your dining table?... Participants should bring a picture of the room in their house that is the most difficult to keep clutter-free and a copy of their floor plan so Benjamin can key it into the Ba Gua which identifies how the 9 areas of our homes correspond with 9 areas of our lives; our relationships, our wealth, our careers, our health, etc…

Tea and healthy snacks will be served. 

Consultancy like this would normally cost several hundred dollars, but Benjamin is offering the Mice a steep discount. This event is not to be missed! 

Space is limited to 10. 


About Benjamin's Introduction to Feng Shui Workshop in 2010:

What a great event! I learned so much more about Feng Shui than I'd known previously. I've already freed up some space in our home (literally and figuratively), thanks to some of the wonderful ideas from Benjamin.--Mouse Kate

I thoroughly enjoyed the Feng Shui evening. Thank you for putting it all together. I am getting a little obsessed with the de-cluttering! It’s a good thing. –Mouse Valerie

I adjusted my space in a few ways and I feel like a million dollars. What a fascinating topic! –Mouse Annabel


Standard Price: $50.00
Power Mouse Price: $45.00

Expert Profile

Benjamin Huntington

Benjamin Huntington was born in England and educated there to the highest standards of traditional architectural design. After spending nine years with an exclusive London-based boutique architectural firm, he started the NY branch serving the firm's international clientele. From this beginning he founded a firm specializing in luxury interiors.

Benjamin has trained in a variety of Feng Shui styles—Pyramid, Black Hat, Nine Star Ki and Contemporary schools—and has more than 20 years of experience in the art of Feng Shui. He has worked closely with Masters; Sarah Shurity, Nacilee Wydra, Pamela Lawrence and mentors Feng Shui students across America. 

He was the first NY state certified FSIA practitioner and teacher. Currently, he is co-Vice-President of the Feng Shui International Institute and President of Feng Shui Visions. 

Benjamin has made several appearances on television, spoken at national and International Feng Shui conferences and has written for many magazines on Feng Shui. He is the editor of “Feng Shui Solutions”, an international Feng Shui magazine. He travels everywhere teaching at all levels, from basic Feng Shui to advanced courses for established Feng Shui practitioners. 

He is also a New York State certified Interior Designer and a professional members of ASID. In 2008, he became president of the NY Metro Chapter of ASID. Benjamin has designed a wide variety of homes from city apartments, brownstones to country houses. 

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