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Surviving Skills Hike "Woman vs Wild"

On June 25, for the first time in the history of Mice at Play, 20 Mice ventured into...the wild! We hiked Breakneck Ridge. Once at the top, we were in awe of the outstanding view of the Hudson River and the surrounding mountains. To add to the excitement of this outdoor adventure, we thought, “let’s spice things up with a twist”—we wouldn’t be Mice at Play if we didn’t. “Why not learn some survival skills and role play the female version of...Man vs. Wild! So here was the deal: our instructor—trained in surviving skills—taught us primitive outdoor survival tactics such as building a fire, finding water, etc. Survival experts have found through experience that the foundation of survival rests on five basic survival skills. We learned about these skills assuming a variety of conditions (wet, cold, or very hot) and with a variety of materials. Imagine! We came back to NYC relaxed, sun-kissed and trained as a SURVIVOR!

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