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Do What Makes You Happy!

On New Year’s Eve, I endeavored to prepare a few dishes I had never cooked before—an onion soup and a chocolate fondue. A fan of
 The Chocolate Room in Cobble Hill, I knew that I had to bake marshmallowsand pieces of pound cake for the fondue. I was very excited by the playful challenge. 

I took the time to research the best recipes for these treats and landed on the wonderful blog, Smitten Kitchen. I also enlisted the help of my girls. Why not play in the kitchen together? 

As we prepared the ingredients, I became conscious of how exhilarating it was to make something radically new! Although it was somewhat challenging,—I had to pay close attention to the instructions while cooking since I have found myself having a shorter attention span as the years pass by!—I delighted in the effort. With my girls’ help, I did it! And, the results were AWESOME!!! I took this culinary exercise as a sign to make similar effort in 2015 to lead a life full of novelty, whatever the outcome.

And you, dear Mouse?...
Will you chose to break with routine and create numerous play moments for yourself?
Will you venture to pursue what makes you truly happy and explore new hobbies that keep your life thrilling?
Will you give yourself permission to play on a daily basis?
I can affirm that if you do, you’ll make yourself and your loved ones so much happier.

Bonne Année, Mice!



Jan 3, 2013

by Nadia


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