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Bring Play Into The Workspace


With the start of the new school year, most of us have gotten back into a busy routine making little time for Play. It took a few weeks for the benefits of a summer of fun to wear off, but here we are. So I thought, what if we brought play to the workplace?

A few years ago when I was managing my staff, I was a firm believer that play had to be a big part of our success and creativity. Among the many ideas we came up with, one stood out and lasted for many months. I had bought nine little laughing Buddha for a project we were working on. They had become my desk buddies. Every morning, I took to moving them around. Little by little, they started to disappear only to be found all around the office such as in the fridge “eating” a sandwich, or in front of one of our computers next to a post-it note that said, “Pause”. Soon enough, the Buddha were traveling the city in taxis, mailing letters at the postbox and tasting the best dim sum. They became our work mascots and made us laugh a lot. They were the vehicles that allowed us to inject our daily work with tons of fun. They also helped improve our team’s camaraderie, creativity and morale.

How can we transform a workplace into a playspace to improve productivity and employee happiness? Pamela Meyer, PhD, author of From Workplace to Playspace: Innovating, Learning and Changing through Dynamic Engagement to the rescue! An expert in helping corporations create dynamic workspaces for innovating, learning and changing, we asked her how play has impacted the success of the businesses she consults. She shared how the Mice can incorporate play into their daily work. If you have ideas on how to create a playful work environment, e-mail us or post them on our Facebook


Oct 23, 2012

by Nadia


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