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Catch the Golden Hours

In the movie “Days of Heaven,” the breathtaking cinematography beautifully captures nature and the “golden hours” when the sun sets and rises—enveloping the sky, the fields, and the farmers in a soft blanket of golden light. As I am getting older, I realize how nature is essential to my well being and balance. And each year, before Fall sets in, I try to catch any opportunity to soak up the sun and be outside!

Do you know that Americans spend more than 90 percent of their lives indoors, and that percentage only increases with age? Research shows that time spent indoors is associated with being sedentary—and being sedentary is associated with obesity.

The benefits of outdoor activities are numerous. Extensive studies have shown that spending time outdoors:
1. Improves concentration. (It has been proven that children with attention deficit disorder score higher on concentration tests after a walk in the park.)
2. Prevents and reduces stress.
3. Improves self-esteem, confidence and creativity.
4. Increases a sense of exhilaration, adventure and challenge from life.
5. Boosts mood. Prevents disease thanks to the sun’s role in producing of Vitamin D.
6. Facilitates social interaction and increase bonding between like-minded people.

So Mice, we need to get out of the house! Join us on our foliage hike near Storm King. On October 14th, Kevin and Mice at Play have organized a daytrip to Storm King Mountain. It boasts many rocky outcroppings that provide a great opportunity to take a break while taking in the stunning scenery.

What’s more…we’ll be guided by Kevin, an ex-Naval Officer who had the opportunity to fly jets, hunt submarines on a guided missile frigate and serve as a boarding officer charged with leading a 12-man team tasked with taking over ships in the Persian Gulf and inspecting them for contraband during the United Nations Embargo against Iraq!

Julyne says of the previous hike: “I thoroughly enjoyed the day hike we took in upstate NY. It was actually a great workout! But more than that, it was so nice to get out of the city, hang out with an extraordinary group of women and see a spectacular part of NY I'd never seen before. Plus, we learned survival skills. Turns out I'm not very good at starting fires with a flint."

Are you in? Book your hike!

Sep 27, 2012

by Nadia


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