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Happiest Childhood Memory

Last night, Mila, my youngest daughter, disappeared for 30 minutes in the shed and surprisingly came back with a photo of herself at 4 years old as she was about to start her first day of school, ever.  We were living in London at the time. Looking at her, and her two sisters in their red and navy blue uniforms, a fun and lively conversation about their early childhood ensued. They reminisced about mischief they got into, their favorite games, the oddest birthday cake, their best friends, etc.... We laughed a lot.

Bathing for a few hours in their childhood memories got me wondering that if I was asked to choose the most significant object, person, movie, moment...that had defined my childhood moment, what or who would that be? The first memory that came to mind was my passion for dance, and my obsession with the musical comedy “Singing in the Rain.” (To this day, the film and dance routines have the power to make me feel joyful!)

Today, kids are back to school. We’ll accompany them throughout the whole day with all our heart and soul. So connected to them, I find back to school time to be a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with our own childhood.

I'd love for you to think about something that has defined the happiest and most playful moment in your early years. Is it a best friend? Is it a toy? Is it a vacation? Is it a candy? Please upload a photo of it and share it with us on the Mice at Play Facebook page or send it to me to post it on our blog. Write -or not- something about it.

Looking forward to your photos!


Sep 6, 2012

by Nadia


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