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Vital Dragons: Stars of the Universe

What can we expect in this auspicious Year of the Dragon?

Well, the Dragon is the only animal in the Chinese Zodiac that is a mythical creature. Unlike the dragons of Western literature that require slaying by valiant knights, the Chinese Dragon is a noble beast that assists the Jade god in ruling aspects of the heavens, like the wind, rain, thunder and lightning. Dragons are revered for their intellect, power, honesty, vitality, and enthusiasm. To be in the presence of a Dragon is like being warmed by the sun!

So it follows that this year will shine brightly. We can look forward to good luck and health. We all may be prone to the Dragons extravagant habits and ambition, but if we take care to also rest and rejuvenate we may have spectacular success and a glorious time!

If you yourself are a Dragon (born in 1964, 1976), this is your Tai Sui (sign year). Using your innovative, brave, enterprising nature, you can accomplish amazing things this year. Take care to gauge your temper and temper your conceit. Those around you recognize your passion and brilliance, so you need not point it out to them.

Gung Hay Fat Choy!




Jan 22, 2012

by Sara


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